PyreBetta Championship 2024 (Volume 1)

Date: 28th - 30th June 2024

Bench In:  28th June, 10am - 12 midnight

Last Call Bench In:  29th June, 10am - 11.30am

Location : 24 Jalan Lekar Singapore 699964

Fee: $15/Entry

Enquiries: +65 97273761 or click on the whatsapp icon at the bottom right

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Welcome to PyreBetta

Your source for pet-grade to competition-grade Bettas in Singapore

Bred For Brilliance

At PyreBetta, our passion for bettas goes beyond ordinary fishkeeping. We are a distinguished fish farm located in the heart of Singapore, specializing in the breeding and sale of Competition Grade bettas.

300 over bettas at our farm 🐟Vist us today!

24 Jalan Lekar Singapore 699964 (Betta Department)

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (inclusive of Public Holidays), 11am to 7pm

Closed on Mondays

AVS License: AS231D00023

Contact: 97273761